How it started

I began my journey into becoming a photographer in 2008 while attending Southeastern Bible College and interning for a Christian magazine under one of the writers who is also a commercial photographer. It is from him that I was first introduced to studio lighting. It was also during this time that I met my wife, Lori, as I started working with different photographers as a 2nd shooter photographing weddings in 2009. It was shortly after this that Lori and I then started working together and were married in 2010. It was also in 2010 that I that I became a full-time photographer. Lori and I photographed weddings and other types of jobs together for the next 4 years and I would not trade a single moment of it!

We have two great kids, Andrew and Emori, and we love to be able to spend as much time with them as possible. There is never a dull moment as we are always looking for new adventures together as a family and as photographers.

Where we are now

I now take care of the wedding side of our business and Lori now specializes primarily in newborn and family photography. This is great news for all of our clients with families or those desiring to start or expand their family, as Lori is able to take care of all their newborn and family photography needs.

I am still just as passionate about photography but I also do cooperate headshots, and environmental portraits, plus other commercial photography. Click here to check out our commercial portfolio

Why I am a full time professional photographer

Like many people, photography started out as a hobby for me as a way of capturing moments long before I became a professional photographer. I love photography because it allows me to look back at the story of my own life and be reminded of all the wonderful blessings in life. I am able to take my love of capturing moments and turn it into something beautiful and share it with others so that they are able to do the same. I also realized how powerful an image can be for other all types of story-telling, and I found that photographing corporate and commercial photography made me stretch myself as a photographer. It pushes me both in a creative way and in a technical way to continually become a better photographer. It is truly a blessing to be able to help others by capturing whatever story they are conveying to the world.

 My goal in life

My goal in life is to be the best servant leader I can be by implementing Christ in all things I do. As a husband and father I focus on my family first as I believe a strong family is extremely important. I do this by focusing on the Word of God and placing God before all other things and then by striving to love my wife as Christ loves the church (Eph 5:22-33). My wife and I go through this life together encouraging one another and striving to be the best parents and business leaders that we can be so we are able be a positive example to our children and able to serve all our clients to the best of our abilities that we have been blessed with. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to meeting your photography needs! Click here to contact us today