2016 Wedding Favs!
By Appear Photography
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2016 Wedding Favorites!

I want to say thank you to all of my wonderful clients who chose us to capture their special day! It was a pleasure and an honor to get to know each of you and to capture the special story of your wedding day. I had planned to choose 4 or 5 of my favorite images from each wedding but this proved too be a task too difficult for me to do. Sooo I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoyed capturing each of these couples!!! Thanks again for making me such a big part of your wedding day! 

Kara + Mitchell Wedding | Montgomery, AL | Renaissance Hotel | The Warehouse at Alley Station | Eastern Hills Baptist Church | Hair & Makeup Kate Hunsinger | Coordinator Cecelia Armstrong | Floral by Brittney Gardner | Wedding Cake by Peggy McKinney | DJ - BJ Choe | Check out the full blog at http://weddings.appearphotography.com/blog/kara-mitchell-at-the-station-montgomery-al

Who said marriages have to be a big affair? Congrats to Erica + Christopher!!! Birmingham AL 

Tiffanie + Marcus had a beautiful elopement at the Sterling Castle! Check out the full blog at http://weddings.appearphotography.com/blog/tiffanie-mark-the-sterling-castle

Adair + Cameron Wedding | Third Presbyterian Church | B&A Warehouse | Birmingham AL 

Kaley + Patrick had a beautiful elegant wedding in Birmingham AL with a beautiful reception at the Florentine. Wedding Coordinator AK Brides | The Tuitwiler Hotel | Videographer: Main Street Productions | Florist J.S. Design | Makeup and Hair Glided Beauty | #letsgetziggywithit | Full blog http://weddings.appearphotography.com/blog/kayley-patrick-at-the-florentine

Loved this nature themed wedding with Melissa + Ben! 

Sydney + Cody had a perfect church wedding! Birmingham AL 

Kelsey + Kyle | Southern Psalms Check out their full blog here http://weddings.appearphotography.com/blog/kelsey-kyle-southern-psalms-barn

Taylor + Sam | Columbus Ga | Columbus Museum | St Paul United Methodist Church

Catherine + Robert | Dawson Memorial Baptist Church | LINCPoint | GoPro Event Solutions | Flowers by Maria | Cake by Pen and Pastry | Makeup and Hair Artist Katie Smith | #caughtbycolville

Olivia + Wil | Southern Magnolia 

Courtney + Johnathon | The Tuitwiler | Third Presbyterian Church of Birmingham | Birmingham AL | Bridge Street Gallery & Loft | Go Pro Event Solutions | Hot House Designs | Kinora Films | Cakes by Barb | Black Jacket DJ | Raww Beauty |  #ringingroberts

Christal + Stephen | Church of the Highlands | The Pines Country Club

Marnie + Bryan | Birmingham AL 

Shelby & Pearson | Dawson Memorial Baptist Church | The Carriage House at Park Crest | Florist HotHouse Design Studio | Kathy G & Co. | Edger's Bakery | Nationwide Coverage | Makeup & Hair Madeline Hulsey | #shesgoinglewis

Miranda + Drew | Nazareth Baptist Church | Cook Castle | Fort Payne AL | Hampton Road Studios | Catering & Floral by Alexander's the Great in Anniston | Cake by Tina Whiteside | Hair Artist Kayla Broyles | Ross Bridge Resort | Birmingham AL 

Amber + Alex | The Sonnet House | Cake by Olexas | #hitchinghuffman

Rebecca & Jon-Derrick | The Oaks | Coordinator Shannel Aiken | Cakes by Kim | Buddy Gray Music 

Ala + Gabe | The Sterling Castle 

Mary Claire + Patrick | SouthWind Plantation | Morgan Ashley Salon, Beth Russel | Jason Miller Band | Cakes by Audry 

Christie + Joey | Christ Church at Branch Cove | Heritage House | Birmingham AL 

Rebecca + Kendrick | Vulcan Museum and Park | Birmingham AL | Hot House Designs | Savages Bakery | Elite Productions | Hair by Tasha Thrasher & Hanna Byers | Happy Catering 

Despena + Elroy | Ross Bridge Resort | Birmingham AL 

Jessica & John | Jim & Nicks | Edger's Bakery

Engagement and Bridal Favs of 2016!
By Appear Photography
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One of the most difficult things that I have to do as a photographer is choose my favorite images from the different sessions I photograph at the end of the year. As a wedding photographer I know the story behind each couple and each image. I always strive to capture the emotion in each image I take to tell the story of the love each couple shares for one another. I have been blessed by each of these couples that have allowed me to capture the love they have for one another. 

Kayley & Patrick | The Florentine | Avondale Park | Downtown Birmingham, AL

Olivia & Wil | Jemison Park | Avondale Park | Birmingham, AL

Miranda & Drew | Avondale Park | Birmingham, AL 

Catherine & Robert | Aldridge Gardens | Birmingham AL | Gulf Shores, AL

Chelsea & John | Jeminson Park | Botanical Gardens | Birmingham, AL

Savannah & Chad | RR Park | Birmingham, AL

Sydney & Cody | Sloss Furnace | Birmingham, AL 

Melissa Bridal | Botanical Gardens | Birmingham AL  

Shelby & Pearson | The Preserve | Hoover, AL 

Miranda Bridal | Aldridge Gardens | Hoover, AL

Courtney Bridal Session | Avondale Park | RR Park | Birmingham, AL 

Rebecca & Kendrick | Avondale Park | RR Park | Birmingham AL 

Amber & Alex | Downtown Birmingham, AL 

Monique Bridal Session | Bridgestreet Gallery and Loft | Birmingham, AL 

Brittany Bridal Session | Aldridge Gardens | Birmingham, AL 

Christie & Joey | RR Park | Birmingham, AL 

Shelby Bridal | Park Crest | Coates Classic | Hot House Design | Madeline Hulsey MUA | Hoover, AL

Amanda & Todd | RR Park | Good People | Birmingham, AL

Katelyn & Adam | Moss Rock Preserve | Hoover, AL 

Rebecca & Peter | Moss Rock Preserve | Hoover, AL 

Little back story about the center image. I had climbed onto a bolder to capture this photo and Rebecca thought that I looked comfortable enough to take a nap even though I was laying on a very uncomfortable and fairly steep bolder. She said all I needed was a pillow and I would be good! 

Despena & Elroy | Downtown Birmingham, AL

Amanda & Jordan Anniversary | RR Park & Downtown Birmingham, AL 

Catherine Bridal | Botanical Gardens | Birmingham, AL

Kelsey & Kyle -Southern Psalms Barn
By Appear Photography
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Congratulations to Kelsey and Kyle! Southern Psalms Barn provided a beautiful location for Kelsey to get ready while Kyle had a rustic barn to hang out with the guys. Of course it always helps the day go smooth when the weather is perfect for being outside and for photography. Kelsey and Kyle are a beautiful couple and it was an honor to capture their wedding day. I pray they have a many wonderful years together to look back and celebrate their wedding day with their children and grandchildren! Thanks again for choosing Appear Photography to photograph your wedding! #‎kelseyandkyledowntheaisle‬

Kayley + Patrick at The Florentine
By Appear Photography
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Kayley and Patrick could not have asked for a more beautiful day to begin their married life together. They started out the day at the Tuitwiler and then were married in a beautiful cathedral in downtown Birmingham, AL and then finished off by celebrating with family and friends at the gorgeous Florentine building. They had a great team making sure that the day went smoothly including Anita of AK brides and the staff at The Florentine. They had beautiful flowers from J.S. Designs and a fantastic makeup artist, Gilded Beauty. While we captured the moments in still photos, Main Street Production did a great job with video. The very talented Male Man Band did a fantastic job of keeping the party going the entire evening! Best wishes to the happy couple!

Nikol + Steve - Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
By Appear Photography
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Our wedding was wonderful, and it was a great testimony of God’s faithfulness in so many ways.  

It was a lovely day all around. Even though I wanted a winter wedding, I had nightmares about no one showing up because they were snowed or iced in, but the high was in the low 60s and there was not a cloud in the sky.  It truly was the definition of glorious weather, and it happened in February!

There was nothing that I didn’t adore on our special day:  

The church has been on my wish list since I was 13 years old, and it did not disappoint. It was charming and beautiful and simple and timeless.  

Having a small wedding party made getting ready leisurely and comfortable. It gave me time to enjoy the last few minutes of being single with my single friends.  

I LOVED my dress. I loved the tiara, the jewelry, the veil, the 55 lb. ball of roses I thought was going to amputate my arm. 

I loved that we did a first look. It was sweet and amazing and beautiful and emotional and probably the sweetest moment I will ever have. 

To keep my nerves in check, my friends prayed with me right before the ceremony.
They didn’t all know each other and came from different phases of my life, but every one of them prayed for God to give me the desire of my heart for years - some for decades. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place as we acknowledged what God had done.  

I remember being ushered to the back of the church, sneaking in so no one would see me.  It was breathtaking to see so many people that I loved sitting in the pews.
It was surreal watching everything unfold.  I was amazingly calm when they closed the doors preparing my dress for the walk I’d been waiting for my whole life. I hope to always remember Steve’s face waiting for me at the end…standing tall and beyond handsome in his white tie mess dress with his face beaming. It took my breath away.  

I loved the ceremony.  It was important for Steve & me to create one that was worshipful - giving God all the glory for bringing us together, praising Him for His faithfulness while also acknowledging our belief that the marriage ceremony is a shadow of a Marriage Ceremony yet to come between Christ and His Church.  We chose scripture passages that spoke less about marriage and love and more about God.  We read Psalm 100 & 113.  Since many of the attendees had prayed for us over the years, we gave them the opportunity to worship God in song by asking the congregation to sing, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and “Praise to the Lord the Almighty.”  

I love that we did a receiving line.  It gave us a chance to hug the neck of every single person that stayed.  It was one of the best decisions I made other than wearing clogs under my wedding dress.  
Our first dance was to “Heavenly Day” sung by Brandon Heath.  I can’t think of a more perfect song for the most perfect day.  

When it came time for the traditional elements of throwing the bouquet and garter, we wanted to do things a bit differently.  My whole life, I’ve been one of the single ladies called out to catch the bouquet.  At some point in life, you start to feel a bit ridiculous. So, we honored the couple who had been married the longest by having an anniversary dance instead. They received the garter, the bouquet, and a date night on us. This was a hit and went over especially well with our single friends.  

After a whole lot of hugging and a whole lot of dancing, we bid farewell while being showered with bubbles, and were whisked away in a 1940 Packard. 

It was awesome day, and there isn’t a thing I would change - especially my photographer :)

- Nikol Whitten Jones

Thanks Nikol and Steve for choosing Appear Photography and for the kind words! I had a wonderful time photographing your wedding! Thanks to all the friends and family who helped make it happen. Nikol's dream church was Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church. She wore a beautiful wedding dress made by Alfred Angelo with beautiful flowers by The Cahaba Lily. Nikol prepared her own makeup and Candi Gonzalez from Roots Hair Design in Helena did her hair. Nikol and Steve had a gorgeous white 1940 Packard from Vintage Auto as their get a way car.
Congratulations and I pray you have many happy years together! 


Thanks Nikol and Steve for choosing Appear Photography and for the kind words! I had a wonderful time photographing your wedding! Thanks to all the friends and family who helped make it happen. Nikol's dream church was Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church. She wore a beautiful wedding dress made by Alfred Angelo with beautiful flowers by The Cahaba Lily. Nikol prepared her own makeup and Candi Gonzalez from Roots Hair Design in Helena did her hair. Nikol and Steve had a gorgeous white 1940 Packard from Vintage Auto as their get a way car.

Congratulations and I pray you have many happy years together! 


Tiffanie + Mark - The Sterling Castle
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Tiffanie and Mark met at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Tiffanie was working there and Mark was going to grad school. She was sitting outside one day eating my lunch, and he walked up and sat beside her. From that day on, they have been together. I had a wonderful time photographing Tiffanie and Mark's wedding day! They celebrated their wedding with a small group of friends and family on a beautiful February afternoon at The Sterling Castle. They could not have asked for a more perfect day! 

Kara + Mitchell at The Station Montgomery AL
By Appear Photography
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Kara and Mitchell had a beautiful wedding in Montgomery AL. Kara and her bridesmaids started off by getting ready at the Renaissance Hotel with the talented Hair and Makeup artist Kate Hunsinger. Mitchell and his groomsmen got ready at The Warehouse at Alley Station. They had a beautiful ceremony at Eastern Hills Baptist Church and then celebrated with family and friends at the Warehouse at Alley Station. Cecelia Armstrong did a great job of making sure everything went smoothly and Brittney Gardner provided beautiful flowers complementing the day perfectly. Peggy McKinney made a beautiful wedding cake and BJ Choe kept the party going at the reception. 

Melissa & C.J., Stone Bridge Farm Wedding
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I had a blast photographing Melissa & C.J.'s wedding at Stone Bridge Farms. Having photographed Melissa's older sister's wedding a few year ago (still one of my favorites) I had the honor of working with this wonderful family again and was made to feel like one of the family on Melissa's wedding day (also going to be a long time favorite). This is a beautiful family inside and out and it was a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful celebration. Congratulations Melissa & C.J. and thanks again for choosing Appear Photography. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Venue: Stone Bridge Farm

Catering: Stone Bridge Fars

Event Coordinator: Janet Fortner at Stone Bridge Farm

Cake: Pat Horton

Videographer Kinora Film

Band: Moon Dance


Angela and Jeremy's beautiful wedding at The Sonnet House, Leeds, AL
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Angela and Jeremy had a wonderful wedding day filled with lots of emotion and lots of love! They are a beautiful couple inside and out and it was a pleasure capturing their wedidng day. They had beautiful weather and a great location at the Sonnet House in Leeds, AL. 

Sweetest family photo ever! No posing...well I had to tell Jeremy to jump in with his soon to be bride but everything else was completely natural. 

This is one of the most emotional candid images I have ever captured. As Angela was coming down the isle Jeremy had to wipe the tears from his eyes. I love Angela's joy and excitement as she looks back at her mom! 

As always with the Sonnet House team did a wonderful job keeping everything running smoothly and making certain that every need of the bride and groom was met before they even asked. Angela started her day our with Jackie of RawwBeauty. She then finished getting ready at the beautiful Sonnet House in a gorgeous dress from Bella's Bridal and was then joined by her hubby to be Jeremy for their first look who rocked his purple tie. Carrol of Lille's worked hard to make certain that all of the floral arrangements, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet and the guys boutonnieres looked stunning, and of course they did. They had a tasty dinner provided by Happy Catering. Their first dance music and evening entertainment was provided by DJ Brian Crawford. After the first dance they cut their beautiful and delicious wedding cake by Pastry Arts and after much dancing they ended their perfect day they had a beautiful car provided by Coates Classic Cars. 


Congratulations guys and I pray the best for you both. Thanks again for using Appear Photography! 

Angela & Jeremy Engagement Session - Birmingham - RailRoad Park - AL